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APA is a Simultaneous Combat Protocol which developed, in-house, at the Ministry of the Interior, National Police Special Weapons and Tactics Training Base as according to a National Security Directive calling for the establishment of Special Tactics Teams to respond to heavily armed organized crime.

Tactical Combat Systems which are part of APA Tactical include:

Chief Instructor's Background in English


These four Angles are examples of APA Tactical Close Combat basics.
  1. Right Sidestep

  2. Left-side Left Sidestep

  3. Full-Nelson

  4. Multiple Slashing

Each Angle is a summation of exponents (differentiated parts) where each part is a component behavior sequence.

  1. Redirection of momentum
  2. Attack to reduce resistance
  3. Restraint & Search position

These are Dedicated Angles which are both preemptive and responsive. All exponents are dynamically interchangeable by Processing Intervals in reaction to spontaneous transitions.